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The market to trade currency pairs. At the same time, one currency (currency) is bought and another currency is sold. The global market for such transactions is called the foreign exchange and abbreviated as FOREX or FX.

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The two different currencies that make up the exchange rate. For example, EUR/USD (Euro/U.S. Dollar).

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This is a ratio figure for the price average of a number of funds in a stock market. An example is the US30. This index represents an average of the value of 30 major US companies (e.g. Microsoft, VISA). 

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A commodity is also an asset class. Commodities are traded through futures contracts on the stock exchange. It is a commodity that is generally traded in bulk. Examples include oil, gas, gold, grain and coffee.

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The difference between the desired buying price (ask) and the desired selling price (bid). You buy at the high end of the spread and you sell at the low end of the spread. Important to consider if you want to avoid closing your trade early.

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A bear market – bearish market – is a general downward movement in the market. A bull market – bull market – is an upward trend.

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These are different styles of trading:

  • Scalping is very short-term trading. It uses small price changes to make quick profits.
  • Intraday or day trading means buying and selling currency pairs within the same day.
  • Swing trading involves estimating the larger movements in the markets in order to make bigger profits in one trade. Such a trade does take several days to several weeks.
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A graph that indicates:

  • What the lowest and highest price was within the chosen time frame (timeframe) of the chart. This is represented by the dashes (wicks or wicks) at the ends of the cubes (body).
  • The opening and closing price of the timeframe. This is displayed through the body (rectangular cube – the body). If the opening price is greater than the closing price of the selected timeframe, the block will be hollow or red. If the opening price is lower than the closing price, the body is green or filled.
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Trading with leverage. Also sometimes called margin trading. This is the percentage increase in your profit or loss relative to the small movement in the market. In this way, you can turn small movements of the currency pair into larger profits or losses. For example, a leverage of 500:1 means that a move of 1 cent becomes worth 500 cents. A small stoploss is very important to avoid blowing up your account.

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You may know the term FOMO from everyday life. In trading, FOMO means that you see a certain price movement and you quickly get in because you want a share of the potential profit. However, the price movement has already left and the chance of getting a good “risk to reward” by then is very small. This is where you have to arm yourself against it because it greatly reduces your chances of becoming a profitable trader.

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A price level that acts as a kind of ceiling (resistance or resistance) or floor (support or support). It is a price level where you see a slowdown or reversal of price movement.

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Using financial and technical techniques to mitigate your risks. Also important – even more essential, in our opinion – is to also have an emotional risk management system. If your emotions start playing tricks on you, it will cost you.